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How to Contribute to Lastic

We appreciate your interest and initiative in contributing to Lastic! To ensure a smooth and effective contribution process, here are some guidelines to help you get started.

Choosing an Issue

We recommend beginning with issues labeled "good first issue", as they are designed to help new contributors understand our workflow and codebase. Also, look for issues that are paid by checking for labels '$$'. Once you're comfortable, proceed to "good second issue" labels for a slightly more challenging task.

For more serious contributors, focus on the completion of tasks that have P1, followed by P2, etc. This marks the importance of the issue.

Communication is Key

If you have any questions or need clarifications, please don't hesitate to ask directly in the comments section under the specific issue. Our community and team members are here to help and provide guidance.

Submitting Your Pull Request

When you're ready to submit your work:

  1. Ensure your code is thoroughly tested and documented.
  2. Create a Pull Request (PR) against the main LasticUI repository.
  3. In your PR description, clearly describe the changes and reference the issue by including phrases like "Fixes #123".
  4. Mention your preferred payout type: BTC, USDT on Ethereum, or DOT. This helps streamline the bounty payout process.

Not Just LasticUI

While many issues are associated with the main LasticUI, not all fixes need to be made there. We'll link to the relevant repository in the issue if work is required elsewhere. Here's a quick overview of important repositories you might contribute to:

  • LasticSDK: The core SDK, crucial for wallet connections, transaction processing, and abstracting the broker pallet. It's often the first place to check for errors.
  • Subsquid: Our project's connection to the Subsquid code.
  • Squid-SDK: Handles GraphQL queries through a TypeScript SDK, simplifying code commands.
  • Ext-Contracts: Tracks all Solidity EVM-compatible smart contracts.

Best Practices for Contribution

  • Understand the Issue: Make sure you fully understand the task and its requirements before starting.
  • Keep Changes Concise: Make your changes as small and focused as possible. This makes your PR easier to review and merge.
  • Follow the Code Style: Ensure your code adheres to the existing style of the project to maintain consistency. Husky is there to help you.
  • Write Clear Code: Comment your code where necessary and write clear, understandable code. This helps others review your contributions and understand your logic.

!!!This is especially SUPER IMPORTANT when it comes to writing smart contract code. We won't except smart contract code that doesn't have a comment above every line!!!

Joining the Lastic Community

You can post specific comments or general requests in our community channel: Telegram Link

Your contributions help shape the future of Lastic and the broader blockchain ecosystem. We're excited to have you join our community and look forward to seeing your innovative solutions and improvements.