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We are thrilled to introduce our bug bounty program with Lastic @lastic_xyz 🤠. If you're passionate about improving software and finding bugs, this is your chance to shine and earn rewards!

Explore Issues: LasticUI Issues on GitHub

How it Works:

  1. Identify an Issue: Browse through the issues and look for those marked with the "$$" label, indicating a bounty. Start with labels: "good first issue" or "good second issue".
  2. Clarify Doubts: If any aspect of the issue is unclear, don't hesitate to ask questions directly under the issue.
  3. Claim an Issue: Signal that you're working on the issue by leaving a comment with a raised hand ✋.
  4. Submit Your Fix: Once you've successfully resolved the issue, submit a Pull Request (PR) and mention the issue by including phrases like "Closes #73" in the description.

Repository Readme:

Welcome to the LasticUI Repository! This space is dedicated to fostering seamless interaction with the Coretime Parachain.

🌿 Branch Structure:

  • development: Contains the latest developments.
  • main: Features upcoming deployments, not yet tested and released. View the deployment of the main branch inside ./static-frontend here.
  • stable: The tested and stable version, deployed at

🚀 Quick Start:

Set up and run the project following these steps:

  1. Install the required dependencies using pnpm install.
  2. Copy .env.local.example, rename it to .env.local, and set up the necessary environmental variables.
  3. Start the development server with pnpm run dev.

Visual Resources:

  • Figma UI: links:
    • Navigate here for checking out the Figma
    • Navigate here for a preview. Opt for 'Fit Width' for the best viewing experience - note this won't be kept up to date.