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Interacting with LasticUI/substrate-interact

This section guides you through the process of interacting with the Coretime chain using the LasticUI/substrate-interact interface.

Basic Interaction

Once the Coretime chain is operational, you can access its features at http://localhost:8000/substrate-front-end-template.

Initial View

Upon accessing the interface, you'll see a display similar to the following image. Initially, no data will be shown under the various query fields, as the Coretime chain needs to be configured first.

Interface Overview

Configuring the Coretime Chain

  1. Start the Configuration:

    Click the 'Configure' button to initialize the configuration of the Coretime chain.

    Click Configure

  2. Confirmation of Successful Transaction:

    Once the configuration is successful, you'll see a confirmation message: "❤️ Transaction successful...".

    Transaction Success

Initiating the Sales Process

  1. Starting Sales:

    Next, click the Start Sales button. This triggers a command to prepare the Coretime chain for the sales process.

  2. Sales Information:

    Below the 'Start Sales' button, you'll find details such as the block number at which the sale starts and the current count of cores sold. Initially, this count will be zero.

    Start Sales

Making a Purchase

  1. Purchase a Core:

    Try buying a core by setting a price limit (e.g., 10000) and submitting the transaction.

  2. Transaction Results:

    After a successful transaction, the number of cores sold will update under the query items.

    Purchase Confirmation

    If you encounter a transaction failure message like "😔 Transaction Failed! system.ExtrinsicFailed::broker.TooEarly...", it indicates that the purchase attempt was made before the start of the sales period. Refer to the Sale Info section under Query Items to check the 'Sale Start' block time.

    Transaction Failure

  3. Successful Sale Verification:

    A successful sale will be reflected by an increase in the coresCount.

    Sale Success

Advanced Interactions

Transferring Purchased Cores

  1. Accessing Polkadot.js Interface:

    To transfer the core you've purchased, navigate to Polkadot.js under Development > localnode. This link will direct you to the Transfer/Extrinsics section.

  2. Locating the Purchase Event:

    In the 'Recent Events' section, look for an event labeled broker.Purchased. If no such event is found, consider purchasing another core. Key details like begin, core, and mask will be displayed.

    Purchased Event

  3. Transferring the Core:

    Copy these details to the 'Broker pallet - Transfer Interaction' section and select a new public address to assign the core to a new owner.

    Transfer Interaction

Other Interactions

Other extrinsic interactions both SUDO and SIGNED-TX can be found under the Broker Pallet Interactor drop down button. Other Interactions