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User Guide: Coretime Price Simulator


This guide will walk you through the features and functionalities of the simulator, ensuring you make the most out of this application. For a video guide check out this youtube video:


The Coretime Price Simulator provides a graphical representation of sale prices over time based on your input settings. Key periods, such as Interlude, Leadin, and Region, are distinctly marked on the graph for clarity.

The sidebar is your control panel for customizing the simulation. It contains various settings that directly influence the graph's output.

Hovering over the ? icon next to each setting reveals additional information.

info hover

Configuration Settings

In the 'Configuration Settings' section, sliders allow you to adjust various parameters that influence Coretime pricing:

  1. Ideal Bulk Proportion: Sets the target ratio of cores for stable pricing. Prices rise if cores_sold exceed this proportion.
  2. Interlude Length: Defines the renewal period, giving precedence to existing tasks.
  3. Leadin Length: Duration of dynamic pricing phase where prices gradually decrease to the sale price, reflecting market demand.
  4. Limit Cores Offered: Maximum number of cores available per sale, crucial for maintaining market balance.
  5. Region Length: Time span of core allocation for each sale, indicative of the bulk period in Agile Coretime.
  6. Renewal Bump: Incremental price increase for renewals, facilitating long-term budgeting.
Configuration Settings

Sale Settings

Adjust the sale settings to specify the time frame and initial pricing for your simulation.

  1. Observation Time: Use the 'X-AXIS - Observing time' slider to select the number of regions to observe.
  2. Initial Core Pricing: Determine starting prices for cores with the 'Y-AXIS' sliders.
Sale Settings

Core Sales Configuration

Customize your sale model:

  • Constant Sales: Set a uniform number of cores renewed and sold in each sale.
  • Variable Sales: Modify the number of cores renewed and sold for each region, reflecting a dynamic market model.

For constant sales:

Constant Sales

For variable sales:

Variable Sales Settings

The graph for variable sales that coresponds to above settings will look like this:

Variable Sales Graph

Additional Feature: Leadin Period Curve

A unique feature of our simulator is the ability to modify the Leadin period curve. This lets you explore how linear or exponential pricing models impact Coretime prices.

Leadin Curve Adjustment