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What can the blockspace be used for? ​

Blockspace on Polkadot serves as a crucial resource for executing and finalizing operations, such as transactions, within a block​. By providing expanded blockspace, Polkadot ensures an uninterrupted flow of bandwidth even during heavy congestion periods, which is pivotal for the network's cost-effectiveness. The blockspace ecosystem on Polkadot has evolved post the rollout of parachains, fostering a conducive environment for Web3 development with a spectrum of blockspace offerings that are secure, composable, flexible, efficient, and cost-effective. This ecosystem propels boundless innovation by ensuring interoperability among diverse blockchains, thereby offering economic scalability.

Future upgrades of Polkadot will alter the way blockspace resources are allocated, removing the requirement of cores to be utilized only by parachains. Future implementations on the protocol roadmap include the ability for smart contracts, synchronous processes, and a vast range of computations to utilize the blockspace Polkadot provides and Lastic will help developers harness the power of flexible blockspace in this way.